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Create a digital marketing campaign in only 5 steps*

1. Get personal

Create personas and segments of your audience, and develop targeted content appropriately.

2. Use technology to your advantage

Many organizations even use a holistic marketing cloud or marketing application management system to manage all their marketing operations.

3. Create a flexible budget

You have to be willing to adjust your budget to the market trends. Enterprise organizations allocate nearly 2.5 percent of their total revenue to digital marketing alone. It’s crucial that marketers put money into the highest-performing channels, which in most cases are digital.

4. Choose your channels wisely

By 2019, it’s estimated that digital channel spend will account for nearly 40 percent of overall marketing spend. As digital marketing spend increases, it’s important to put your money into the right channels.

5. Constantly improve & repeat.

In the world of marketing, you can always be better. Enterprise organizations are always evaluating past efforts and looking for new ways to improve their marketing. One way to improve is to use new technology.

*for more detail see the full article on clickz.

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